About me

Why don’t you take an international examination in English, David?

That is what my first English teacher at high school said to me one afternoon, back in 1993. At that time, only a few years after Poland eventually waved goodbye to decades of Communist rule, the word ‘international’ sounded beyond magical. It was a big word, and so appealing. It certainly appealed to me, strongly enough to put me on a road that led me to an A in the Cambridge First Certificate examination two years later, in 1995, after three years of learning English from scratch.

You may wish to note that in the early 1990s Poland was a place where learning aids such as native speakers, online videos, CDs, audio tapes, colourful textbooks or trips to the UK were simply not available to learners of English. That failed to discourage me, and two years later I opened a small envelope from the British Council, containing an even smaller piece of paper telling me I passed the examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English.

My passion for the language grew stronger and persuaded my first employer to give me a job that required me to travel widely across Europe as an interpreter. In that same job I was also made responsible for dealing with the lawyers my employer hired. Several years of giving their scribblings the form of carefully typed and neatly printed documents introduced me to the abundant world of legal terminology, legal phrasing and legal matters. I was in my early twenties at that time.

Afterwards, I left my employer to focus on teaching English and translation. This was followed by more than a decade of freelance translation work for a growing number of clients and, importantly, under the watchful eye of my mentor, a highly experienced court interpreter and public-service translator. In 2009, after completing BA and MA degrees in Economic Sociology, and a two-year university course for a postgraduate Diploma in Translation and Interpreting, I passed a not-so-easy-as-you-may-think examination in legal and business translation and interpreting at the Polish Ministry of Justice and since then my love for law in the two languages has virtually exploded!

Education and qualifications

2022 Department of Roman Law, Faculty of Law, Jagiellonian University, Kraków

A one-year postgraduate higher-education course in Polish contract law, intertwined with references to Roman law. The Faculty of Law in Kraków is ranked as Poland’s top law faculty.

2022 Faculty of Law, Jagiellonian University, Kraków

A 12-hour course in contract law, focusing on contracts in private law. This course was run by the Department of Roman Law.

2021 LoL Educational Trust, Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK

A Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) in Law (Merit) and Business. This is a Level 7 Qualification (equivalent to a master’s degree in translation). The DipTrans tests professional translating skills at a postgraduate level of competence.

2020 TOLES, Global Legal English, UK

A globally recognised qualification, TOLES is a test of legal English skills. I was awarded the top, Advanced Level qualification.

2020 University of Wrocław, British Law Centre/University of Cambridge

This was a one-year course leading to a Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills. The course was taught by UK barristers from the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge.

2021 University of Wrocław, British Law Centre/University of Cambridge

This was a one-year course leading to a Commercial Law Diploma, an advanced addition to the Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills qualification. The course was taught by UK barristers from the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge.

2009 University of Katowice, Institute of English (Poland)

A 2-year postgraduate higher-education course leading to a degree in translation and interpreting.

2007 University of Katowice, Faculty of Social Sciences (Poland)

A higher-education master-level degree in sociology

2005 School of Management and Social Science (Poland)

A higher-education BA-level degree in economic sociology

Continuing professional development (CPD)



Member and Chartered Linguist of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK

MITI-logo (1)

Member of ITI

Public Service (Sworn) Translator and Court Interpreter in Poland (since 2009)

25 years

of full-time translation and interpreting experience

1000000 words

translated annually

32 years

of unabashed fascination with English

2.5 years

years of training in English law on courses taught by English barristers and a London-based solicitor

10 years

of university-level education and training in social science, law (English law) and translation studies

15 years

of practical experience as a court interpreter and public service (legal) translator

6272 certified

translations over 10 years

60 contracts

and agreements translated in 2021, apart from hundreds of other legal and business documents

220 the length in pages

(of 1800 characters per page) of a court judgment in a defamation case I have once translated for an international foundation